Rules and Regulations

Sober Living House Rules

Living a clean and sober life starts with taking responsibility for yourself. When you move into a PNP
Sober Living home, you’re taking steps to implement a daily regimen into your life. You will be guided
through this process by your house manager and fellow residents. Resident safety is our number one
priority. You must abide by all of the rules and adhere to all house regulations.
In the event of a relapse, the resident must return to an inpatient treatment facility before being
allowed back in a PNP home. Decisions can be made by the discretion of management on a case-by-case
Non-residents will not be permitted in the home unless pre-approved by management. Non-
residents are only allowed in/on the commons areas of the home. Non-residents will not be permitted
in the home after curfew. No one is permitted in any bed room unless it is their own.
Stealing, fighting or threats of physical violence will NEVER be tolerated. There is a zero
tolerance policy towards any derogatory slurs of any kind.
No paraphernalia/weapons are allowed on the property of, or in, any of PNP’s homes.
Participation or involvement in any illegal activities will not be tolerated.
Residents cannot share their key or door code with any other persons.
All residents are subject to searches of their person or personal belongings at the discretion of
house management. Residents shall present any belongings for search upon management’s request.
All residents are required to attend in-house meetings during which we will discuss our recovery
progress and any household issues. In-house meetings are to be held once per week at a time
designated by management.
AA/NA meetings are an essential part of recovery. Attendance of meetings will be a requirement
for all PNP residents. While in the transitional house you must attend of minimum of 5 meetings per
week. Residents will have 2 weeks from their move-in date to find a sponsor. Any resident that does not
adhere to these rules is subject to discharge.
All residents must adhere to a daily schedule, as structure and routine are an essential part of
the recovery process.
Residents must follow curfew. Curfew is 11:00pm Sun-Thurs and midnight on Friday and
Saturday. Curfew variations may be considered by management due to residents’ work schedules.
Lights must be out at midnight 7 days per week, in order to be respectful of all residents.
All beds must be made in the morning, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Residents must be out of bed by 9:30am unless otherwise approved by management.
Each resident will have a chore assigned to them. Chores are to be completed daily and will be
thoroughly checked by management. Once a resident has finished their chore, they must indicate its
completion by initialing the house board.
Residents must keep their area clean at all times. Lack of cooperation will not be tolerated. If
management must repeatedly ask a resident to keep their area clean it will be considered an infraction
and the resident may be subject to a fine.
No overnight guests are permitted in any PNP residence.
Televisions, stereos and voices must be kept at a respectful volume.
Eating is permitted only in common areas. Food/drink in the bedrooms, upstairs or in the
basement at any time will not be tolerated.
Residents are responsible for repair or replacement of PNP property due to any negligence.
No smoking is permitted inside or in front of any residence. Smoking is only permitted in the
designated areas. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Residents must label personal food with a marker. Any food that is not labeled is considered
house food.
Rent is to be paid, in full, each Friday by 9:00pm. Management must be given at least 48 hours
notice regarding any issues with rent payments.
PNP requires that every resident follow the aftercare plan given to them by the treatment
center they came from. Residents must attend outpatient programs if part of their aftercare plan. All
residents must be actively working to progress in their recovery. If management feels a resident is not
trying to progress in their recovery, they will be subject to discharge.
No vehicle will be permitted within 30 days of entering PNP from treatment. After 30 days,
management will review a resident’s progress, and determine if they are able to have a vehicle. All
vehicles must be completely legal to drive. Registration, state inspection (if applicable) and insurance
are required. Residents must have a valid driver’s license in order to operate a vehicle at any time.
No loaning, borrowing, or trading of any property or money between residents at any time.
All medications will be accounted for in resident files. Random medication counts will be
conducted. Failure to provide an accurate medication count and/or failure to notify management of
prescription changes or refills may result in discharge.
Theft of any kind will not be tolerated. Violators WILL BE PROSECUTED.
Individual residents and the community as a whole may be subject to rule/regulation changes at
any time. Any additional rules/regulations may be added at any time, at the discretion of management.
PNP reserves the right to implement these rules based upon its own interpretation.

All residents must respect the neighbors at all times. No loud noise or loitering in front of the
residence. The neighbors must be treated with respect AT ALL TIMES.