You Asked, We Answered

May I continue my maintenance drugs?

No we do not except any maintenance drugs except Vivitrol

Is there a curfew?

Yes, the curfew for residents once they are off black out period. 

Curfew is 11pm Sun-Thurs, and Midnight Fri-Sat.

Is there a restriction period or “blackout” when first arriving?

Yes, there is a one week blackout period where residents are not allowed to go anywhere alone.

They may attend meetings, work with a sponsor, handle probation obligations, or any other necessary actions that are approved by management.

Am I allowed to have my vehicle?

You are not allowed to have a vehicle 30 days of residency and must receive approval by management.

Vehicles must be 100% legal (license and insurance).

Am I allowed to see my significant other?

You may communicate via phone but may not see them during the first 30 days of residency.

We encourage residents to focus on themselves during this time period.

Do I need a job?

Yes, all residents must have employment within the first 2 weeks of their stay.

Are you a 12-step program?

We strongly believe in the 12 steps. Residents must attend meetings regularly and actively work with a sponsor. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from PNP