Applicant must meet these requirements to be considered for residency into one of our available homes.

Must be at least 18 years of age.

Resident must come directly from inpatient rehabilitation center after completion of program.

Resident must follow aftercare plan given by treatment facility.

Resident cannot be on any form of maintenance drugs except Vivitrol.

Any and all prescribed medications must be disclosed and pre-approved during screening process. 

Must pass drug screen upon arrival.

Black and White Star in Circle

Code of Ethics

Our mission is to provide not only shelter, but a safe and comfortable home, to individuals seeking to
recover from the disease of addiction. We believe that recovery is a process through which a person
gradually changes and takes steps towards achieving one’s life goals. While at PNP Sober Living, all
residents shall treat each other with dignity and respect. Residents are expected to conduct themselves
civilly and communicate with others in a mature and honorable manor. Any and all inappropriate
behavior will not be tolerated. All members of PNP Sober Living will be held to this standard while inside
and outside of the home. Anything less will be grounds for potential dismissal from the PNP Sober Living


It is our responsibility as an organization to provide a code of ethics to those who are a part of
PNP Sober Living. We expect all employees and residents to conduct themselves with honor and
integrity. Every individual involved with PNP Sober Living will be held to this standard.

Respect for the Individual

Everyone should be given the opportunity to live in an environment where they are treated with dignity and respect. This is our commitment, as management, to all residents of PNP.

We are an equal employment opportunity and equal housing opportunity organization.

Our organization is to be free of any and all types of discrimination. Any and all abusive, offensive, or harassing behavior will be considered intolerable. Any resident or employee that behaves in an offensive or discriminatory manner will be immediately dismissed from the PNP organization. Any infractions should be reported to the house manager immediately.